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As the preferred global partner for STEM and Science related educational products.


Science Centre Singapore is a statutory Board under the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE). It was set up in 1977 with the aim to promote interest, learning and creativity in science and technology through imaginative and enjoyable experience and contribute to the nation’s development of its human resources.

In its 40 years of establishment, it has enriched millions of students (from pre-school to tertiary level) with cutting-edge science programming through inquiry-based and applied learning in various science disciplines. The Science Centre, accolades as one of the top Science Centre in the world receives more than a million local and overseas visitors every year.

Established in 1997, Singapore Science Centre Global is a wholly owned subsidiary of Science Centre Board and owns the attraction Snow City through Snow Venture Pte Ltd.

It develops a wide array of science related products such as resource kits, STEM publications, provides professional development in science pedagogy training, consultancy services and license its products and contents widely.

Core Services:

  • Consultancy
  • Curation of exhibitions and science programmes
  • Professional Development for educators
  • Science Resource Development
  • Science Enrichment Programmes for students

Overseas Consultancy Projects:

  • Hong Kong Science Museum
  • Maldives Interactive Science Centre
  • Mind Museum (Manila)
  • Weifang Science Centre (China)
  • Jungleland (Indonesia)
  • Timezone (Indonesia)

Curation of Science Programmes:

  • Robotic Competition
  • Drone Odyssey Competition
  • Make Space Events
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