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The Science Centre Singapore promotes interest and creative learning in science and technology. It prides itself on making science an inspiring and exciting experience for people of all ages.

Since 1997, the Centre has been a place of creativity and innovation, capturing the evolution of scientific developments through unique and relevant exhibitions and shows.

Throughout the years, the Centre has consistently developed and produced exciting, innovative, high-quality exhibitions and education programmes to engage inquisitive minds and encourage the exploration and learning of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

A key part of this involves the development, production, marketing and distribution of travelling exhibitions worldwide. Since 2002, we have been showcasing our exhibitions to millions of visitors around the world. Our exhibitions have travelled across the globe to the Middle East and Asia Pacific including Hong Kong, Korea,Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and U.A.E.

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Robot Zoo

This is a zoo unlike any other! Robot Zoo is a 650 square metres exhibition that draws inspiration from nature, a master engineer in its own right, to deliver fun facts and hands-on learning about ecology and biology.

This exhibition features 8 gigantic robotic animals namely the Chameleon, Rhinoceros, Squid, Platypus, Bat, Grasshopper, Giraffe and Housefly.

Children will be delighted to explore the biomechanics of these complex animal robots that are set within the context of their habitats, and learn how their real-life counterparts function and survive. There are over a dozen hands-on activities that will especially delight families with children. These activities will highlight fun animal
facts and uncover the answers to questions such as:

    • How does a fly walk on a ceiling?
    • How does a chameleon change its colour?
    • How does a giant squid jet around?

Dino Quest

Dino Quest will bring visitors through a journey that will let them have a glimpse into the life of a palaeontologist as they discover the amazing life story of the Australian polar dinosaurs. The exhibition features spectacular and interactive technology that will engage the audience and give them the most immersive experience. It promises to be one of the most exciting and educational dinosaur themed exhibition ever to go on the road!

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