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STEM education is a teaching and learning process which combines the elements of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It injects elements of fun learning informally through hands-on experiences. At the same time, it is a student-centred learning process using scientific methods and provides engineering solutions to solve real world problems and challenges.

A series of STEM thematic programmes on different topics for the primary and secondary students have been developed and are ready for teachers’ training. The different technology platform used as well as the depth of the projects in our modules offer different level of difficulty that can cater to your students’ needs. We have professional trainers who have delivered STEM teachers’ training in various local schools as well as schools overseas.


Primary School Projects Secondary School Projects
Magnetic Levitation Train

Automated Tea Brewer
(Food Science)

Aeronautics Technology
(Water Rocket)

Coding Your Game
Roman Catapult Smart Fitness Station
Electric Elevator

Wearable electronics
(Soft Circuit)

Traffic Light System

2WD Car

Smart Racing Car

Making a drone
(Flight & Aerospace)


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