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Magnetism Kit



The purpose of this Magnetism Kit is to help students develop an understanding of the properties of a magnet and its uses in our daily life.

Through the guided inquiry and hands-on activities, students will discover that:

  • Magnets are made from only iron and steel
  • A magnet can attract only magnetic objects
  • When suspended freely, a magnet hangs in the North-South direction
  • A magnet has two poles — North and South.
  • A magnet can exert a force – it can attract (pull) or repel (push)
  • Like poles (N & N; S & S) repel; opposite poles (N & S; S & N) attract
  • The strength of a piece of magnet is strongest at its two poles
  • The magnetic force cannot pass through a piece of metal
  • A temporary magnet could be made by stroking and using electricity
  • Much of our daily equipment is based on magnetic force

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