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Dodo Does Math

Suitable for age group 7-10 years old



Enhance the way students practice math with a new cross-curricular platform by CodeMonkey. With students as young as five years-old developing math anxiety, it is time to make math more engaging. Since most students enjoy computer science, what better way to make math fun than by practicing it alongside code? After all, integration of code during math class has the ability to not only maximize student engagement, but also their understanding of math.

Dodo Does Math consists of 3 courses that help students practice their math and coding skills. Each course covers a different math topic from measuring distances and angles to skip counting and multiplication. In each challenge, students need to help get the dodo to its eggs through using math and code. As the game progresses, the students will need to overcome more and more complex obstacles in order to get to the eggs. The platform is scaffolded, self-paced, and automatically assessed, so just like the award-winning Coding Adventure, it’s super easy to implement in the classroom.

Math topics include:

  • Basic coding principles
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Angles, Distances, Multiplication
  • Skip-counting, Measurement
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