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Children learn better when they perform the experiments themselves and witness the cause and effect first-hand!

“Let’s Explore” is a series of specially designed experimental kits for students to explore Science facts in a fun way and acquire the skills that scientists use to study the world around them.  These kits are tailored to the MOE Science Syllabus to assist students learning of Science.

The “Let’s Explore” series include Magnetism, Electricity, Chemistry, Air, Water Filtration and Volcanic Eruption. The kits adopt the inquiry-based approach to learning Science, that is central to the framework of the Science curriculum in Singapore.

Accompanying each kit is a well-illustrated Activity Guide for the young science explorer. It is designed with step-by-step information to help the children carry out the experiments. Parents and teachers can help facilitate the experiments at ease with the support of the Facilitator’s Guide.

Kindly note that the images of the kits below are not to scale but for illustration purposes only.

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